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Health blog series [3]: Get Creative at Home

In our previous blog post, we shared some ideas for exercising without any equipment, check here if you haven't read it: Some may find it boring due to it being easy or not motivating enough. Well... in this blog post, we will provide you with advice on being creative at home by having additional home-made resistance and incorporating pulling movements.

First things first, look around your home and surrounding area. What objects and structures could you hold on to and either pull towards you or pull yourself towards?

  • Holding onto books or food tins to perform bodyweight moves discussed on our previous blog post

  • Using tins for reverse flyes

  • Filling a bag or suitcase with books or tins to perform bent over rows by pulling the handle

  • Vertical hangs or pulls on secure bars or frames

Please ensure that it is safe and secure before starting to get creative with home-made resistance or using existing structures to pull your own bodyweight.

If you are using outdoor gyms for exercises like inverted rows or pull-ups/chin-ups just ensure the space is safe, sanitise any equipment touched to help limit the spread of infection and of course... wash your hands after exercising.

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