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Learn how to grow your own salad AT HOME. Discover this beautiful skill to clear your mind.

Updated: Jan 27, 2021

Watch this video created by Gregg (our activities officer) and don’t miss to read his top tips below.

SOUND ON and happy gardening!!

**Rocket  leaves known as Aragula  are part of the Brassica family are a good source of Vitamins A & K  and also Folates and Potassium.

Top tips:

  1. You do not need to keep the seed trays in sun to make them sprout, just keep them well watered, this should take 1-2 weeks, on a sunny window ledge

  2. Once  they start to grow let them have a 1 hour or so a day outside to harden off,  increasing the amount after a week. But don’t leave them outside overnight as cold may damage the tender shoots

  3. You can transplant them to bigger pots in the egg trays so you don’t have to handle the delicate seedlings, once the plants are bigger you can thin them out.

  4. Don’t forget to water the plants regularly , do  not let them dry out !

  5. You can pick the leaves as a “ Cut and Come again” plant, though remember to let some ”go to seed “ and then you have seeds to make new plants and you can sow them later in the year

Many online retailers sell seed, one firm known for generations is Chiltern Seeds who produce small informative seed catalogues which are great to browse.

They have several varieties to buy, some more spicy tasting than others  including wild rocket most are under £2 per pack

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