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Couldn't find time to learn a new language?

Now it's the time.

Regent’s Institute of Languages and Culture has launched a collection of lunchtime language taster sessions, open to all students, running via MS Teams between 12:00-13:00.

Are you interested? Check out the dates below and email the specific language lecturer to register your interest. Once you've done that, you can simply click on the links below to attend on the day!

27 May -  German - email Renata Henkes:

28 May -  Italian - email Silva de Benedictis:

03 June - Russian - email Olga Helly: 04 June - Chinese - email Linda Li: 10 June - Japanese - email Toshihiko Kitagawa: 11 June - French - email Geraldine Bourgeon:

17 June - Spanish - email Nuria Guasch: 18 June - Business and Academic English - email Christopher Banister:

18 June - English - email Christopher Banister:

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