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Regent's Sport is committed to ensuring that there is no barrier to accessing our sport facilities on our campus.

Our court is avalible to hire for Staff and Students only for: Basketball, Tennis and Football and other activities upon request. 

The court is free of charge and equipment can be hired from Reid Hall Reception. 

Please note that bookings can only be made 9am - 6pm Monday-Friday and equipment cannot be hired over the weekend. 

Start of Booking Time
End of Booking Time

If you experience any issues booking please contact: OR

Thank you for booking.

Please note your booking is NOT confirmed until you receive and email confirmation from a member of staff.

It is important to note you cannot hire equipment during weekend bookings and bookings must be made between Monday -Friday 9am-6pm. 

Please also check your junk mail.


Reid Hall Rules.png


  1. Users who request to make bookings must leave their name, student/staff number and contact details.

  2. For safety purposes the use of the pitch is only authorised for Regent’s students and staff. If you are planning to invite externals, you need to inform the name of each one of your guests at least one week in advanced to the following: or The approval or not of your request will be sent by email two days after your application.

  3. Bookings can be made up to a week before the proposed date of the booking.

  4. Two-hour time slots are the maximum length of one booking.

  5. Bookings which are related to Regent’s Sport will take priority over student or staff bookings. This means your booking may be cancelled or rescheduled at minimal notice.

  6. Users wishing to make block bookings will need to contact

  7. If the user is late to their booking other users can use the pitch until they arrive. 

  8. Tennis Students are advised to arrive 10 minutes early to set up the net and put the net down at the end of the booking into the outdoor box. Staff from Reid Hall Reception will assist students to assemble and dissemble equipment if required. 

  9. Participants must wear appropriate sports clothing and footwear to participate in physical activity and outdoor weather conditions.

  10. Repeated no shows may jeopardise their ability to book repeatedly in the future.

  11. Cancellations must be notified to either or as soon as possible. 

  12. There are no changing, refreshment, or WC facilities in Reid Hall for either students or staff. General changing and shower facilities are situated in Darwin Basement and there is an outside water fountain by the sports pitch.

  13. Users are only allowed access to the court between 09:00 - 21:00. Estates and facilities and security staff will check and lock the facility after this time. Students or staff using the facility outside the stated hours will be asked to leave. 


  1. Floodlights can be used during the time of the booking if required, users must ask at Reid Hall Reception. 

  2. Users must hand in their Student Card to Reid Hall Reception at the start of their booking and collect upon the return of equipment and end of booking.

  3. Users can borrow sports equipment from Reid Hall Reception from Monday - Friday; however, it must be returned at the end of the booking. For lost items, fees will be applied, see details below*

  4. The facility and borrowed sports equipment must be treated with respect. Users may be liable to any damage to sports equipment or to the facilities if it took place during the time of their booking.

  5. Users must be respectful to staff and security staff. Decisions made by a member of staff will be the final decision regarding the booking. 

  6. No dangerous, high risk or unsuitable activity should be undertaken during the time of the booking. Users who partake in these forms of activity may be denied access to booking the facility in the future and face disciplinary action within the University.

  7. The sports facility must be cleared by the end of the booking, this includes sports equipment, rubbish, and personal items. Users who repeatedly leave rubbish and do not return equipment may be denied access to booking the facility in the future. 


  1. Failure to return the item or if the item is lost/stolen/damaged, users will have to reimburse the University for the cost of the items. Fees should be paid in The Student Union Office Tuke 008, via card payment only. See cost per items at the Student Union Office – Tuke 008.

  2. Failure to reimburse the University for lost/stolen/damaged items and the breach any of the terms and conditions may be denied access to book with this facility in the future and will result in a university disciplinary review/action.


* Tennis Ball £1.00 / Tennis Racket £15.00 / Football £12.00 / American Football £15.00

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