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  • Valid enrolment record.

  • Good academic standing. Not to have been indicted with any academic misconduct, disciplinary, or financial offence or be under current investigation for any such violation or in severe breach of attendance policy (minimum 75%)

  • Demonstrate prior involvement in extra-curricular activities in the Student Union.

  • Not have opted-out from student union membership.

  • Not be an elected officer of any other Higher Education Institution’s association, union or guild of students during the election or potential period of office

  • *In the event of the election of a current student who has not completed their current studies they will be placed on a break of studies for the period of office.

Eligibility: The Elections Committee will evaluate the eligibility of the candidates on the 13/03/2024.


  • To carry out the role of President, in accordance with the Student Union’s Constitution and policies and, at all times, in compliance with the relevant legislation, in particular the Education Act 1994

  • To work to enhance the student experience and to further the educational goals of Regent’s University London.

  • To represent the student body and the Student Union on key Regent’s University London boards and committees.

  • To strive to achieve maximum representation of the Student Union and its members at individual, University London, Regional and National level.

  • To ensure the Union is run according to the RULSU Constitution, Byelaws, Standing Orders and Policies and all relevant legislation.

  • To act as a member of the RULSU Executive Committee, complying in full with the responsibilities in the overseeing of the effective operation of the Union.

  • To provide leadership, for promoting unity and teamwork and co-ordinate the effectiveness of the Executive Committe.

  • To attend and chair all meetings of the Student Union Executive Committee




The President of Regent’s University London Students’ Union is an elected office held by a Regent’s student to lead the student body and enhance the student experience. 

This office will ensure the Students’ Union’s student-led functions are operating to provide representational and enhancement activities for all Regent’s University London students.

Upon election the President will be a custodian of the Students’ Union constitution and chair of the Students’ Union Executive Committee.


The term of office shall be one year, with a maximum of 2 years, determined by re-election.

The role is a full time position starting from the 3rd of June 2024.


Be sure you have the below documents* ready and complete the form before the deadline (12/03/2024):

  1. Curriculum Vitae (your experience)

  2. Cover Letter (why do you want the role)

  3. Manifesto (what are you proposing if elected)

  4. Campaign Poster (your promo material)

  5.  Headshot Photo

*All these documents are required and  will be uploaded in the internal election page.

Elections: Eligible candidates will participate in an election process (from the 14/03/2024 to the 21/03/2024)


Curriculum Vitae
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