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Meet Abigaelle Perrault the new SU President.

She is currently studying BA (Hons) Liberal Arts - Art History at Regent’s. Previously she had the role of Liberal Arts Council President and Vice-President of Student Experience at the Student Union.

She is from Canada and she is passionate about art.

She will take a break of studies for one year to fully fulfil her role as President, she will start the position on June, 1st 2023.

In her words "I am honoured to become your next Student Union President and would like to thank everyone who took the time to vote in this presidential election.

I am beyond excited to have the opportunity to lead the wonderful Student Union team for the upcoming year"

She will work towards engaging with people across campus and "listening to your ideas, concerns, suggestions, and many more" and to "maintain the current efforts on making Regent’s University sustainable, I hope to see the institution flourish as a leading sustainable university in London".

Lastly she "will be present for all students and will be attentive to every matter reported to the Student Union"

You can meet and connect with Abi at the SU office – Tuke Ground Floor.

Also, you can contact her, from the 1st of June, by email. SU President <>

We wish her the best in her new role.

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