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Please, be aware:

  • You will be requested to send your cover letter or manifesto and CV  (and perhaps additional documents) to be considered for the role you apply for 

Apply via this form

Deadline to apply is on February 11th, at 23:59pm.

Read more about the roles below.

We are looking forward to receiving your application!

What being an executive member entails:  
  • Support your team to enhance the student experience within your area. 

  • Work closely with the relevant Vice President in weekly meetings to create and host inspiring events for students.  

  • Attend the weekly Executive Meetings and share your thoughts about SU and University Initiatives. 

  • Be part of exciting SU projects and events. 

  • Supporting the SU and the SU President in their aims and objectives to promote the welfare of all students on campus.  

See the descriptions of each available role below. 

Council Presidents 

Council Presidents play an important role in improving Regent's and helping your peers. If elected, you will host biweekly meetings during which other students can come share any feedback they wish to in a student only setting. 

Academic Events Officer

The Academic Events Officer is in charge of organising engaging events for the student body. If you are passionate by academic subject and have events ideas that you would want to see on campus, this is the position for you.

Societies Officer

This role oversees all our societies and helps insuring they meet and engaging in relevant activities. This entails meeting with society presidents, assisting society meetings and helping organise events.

Sustainability Officer

Are you passionate by sustainability and want to help raise awareness? 

Sustainability Officer is the role for you. With this role, help improve our campus in a sustainable way and find sustainable alternative for the SU team.

Social Inclusivity Officer

This role is for people who want help promote social inclusivity. Help us create events that will be inclusive of everyone or for every taste. 

Campaign and Promotions Officer

If you enjoy going to our events and talking to everyone, this role is perfect for you! We are looking for someone with an engaging presence to discuss what worked well or what can be improved during our events. 

Intrapreneur/Activator Officer

This role will be in charge of staying up-to-date with current events. The person elected will bring new and innovative ideas to our executive meetings

SU's External Relations Officer

This officer role will be creating new and exciting connections with Student Unions around the city and country. The person elected will also look into what other SUs are doing and help implement things that are working well for them here. 

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