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Antidote Documentary Film Festival. 20+ documentary shorts from Covid isolated Regents Film Students

Updated: Oct 19, 2020

Can you imagine, there is a film festival put on by and about Regent's students? Can you imagine, you have an opportunity to see how they really feel in isolation. To see what's happening out there, across the world: in different families, cultures, in their homes, and in their minds...To see not just Instagram highlights, but talented interpretations of the current situation, made by your peers, Regent's people.

Antidote Documentary Film Festival will reveal the way Regent's Film students are coping with the new reality, filming stories with the lack of equipment and people (social distancing is a huge challenge for students in this area).

TOMORROW!!! May 11th - 1pm GMT via ZOOM 20 + documentary shorts from Covid isolated film students in Russia, US, Italy, Austria, England, Spain, The Netherlands, Sweden, Switzerland, Singapore, Mexico, Latvia, Romania, Bosnia, Kazakhstan, Zambia, Hungary, Scotland, Turkey and Germany

You can find the trailer and film directors' highlights here:

+ live Q&A with all the film makers! + Masterclasses

Ken Fero - Festival Director said: "Covid-19 has disturbed and disrupted students scattering them far and wide. Initially quite despondent about their isolation and the loss of face to face contact they have bounced back. Motivated through an online screening of Jafar Panahi's 'This Is Not A Film', a documentary made whilst under house arrest to prevent him making films, the students have been inspired to make their own documentaries. Despite being restricted Panahi created a factual story that was smuggled out and went on to Cannes, now Regent’ students have documented their own situations with films that are moving, powerful and sometimes hilarious."

Nastia - “123 Women”: “I was definitely unsure about what to film and whether it would even be interesting enough to watch, since all I did was stay at home for 7 weeks straight. Little did I know how many things would happen during lockdown, that not only affected me personally but made it into the film. I showed it all.”

Tune in!

Don't miss it out.

Tatiana Doronina

SU President

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