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College Recreation



Whether you’d like to discuss business, entrepreneurship, languages or culture, or you’re looking for friends to engage with, you can find a society that suits you.

Did you know?

Extra-curricular activities can help you gain valuable experience to enhance your CV.


Finance Society

led by Varya Barbara Ershova

A society for individuals passionate about finance, looking to expand their knowledge and prospects alongside like-minded peers.

Image by Scott Graham

Day: Monday

Time: 2:00pm

Room: SU Lounge

LGBTQIA+ Society

led by Abigaëlle Perrault

The LGBTQIA+ Society is a safe space for anyone in the community to come share their thoughts, feelings, experiences, or anything else they wish to discuss.

We aim to contribute to the improvement of welfare for people in the community and normalizing the diverseness of sexual orientation and identity.

Image by Cecilie Johnsen

Day: Monday

Time: 5:00pm

Room: SU Lounge

DACH Society

led by Richard Leo Haibach

The DACH society focuses on building a dynamic networking environment for German-speaking students from Germany, Austria, and Switzerland at all academic levels, encompassing undergraduates, postgraduates, and PhD candidates across all fields of study. We strive to build a platform for the exchange of knowledge among our members through our bi-weekly meetings.

Key events will include speed networking and socialising sessions for students, alumni networking opportunities, and monthly dinners, enriching our members’ cultural and academic experiences.

Houses in Tauber Germany

Day: Monday Bi weekly 

Time: 6:00pm

Room: Thomson Reuters Room



(Art Society)

led by Abigaëlle Perrault

The Art Society is about creating, exploring, and nurturing your art skills. Our activities would look like coming together and creating art, going to art exhibitions/experiences around the city, and just having fun with art.

Our society is open to anyone and everyone who wishes to be a part of the experience. 

Image by Anna Kolosyuk

Day: Tuesday

Time: 4:00pm

Room: SU Lounge


Gaming Society

led by Ibrahim Zaman

Bring your A game. Games, tournaments,

and fun.

May the best team win!

Image by Venson Chou

Day: Wednesday

Time: 4:00pm

Room: SU Lounge

Islamic Society

led by Lola Serikbek

Our aim is to unite Muslims in our university, to build a community, to educate people about the religion and create awareness. 

Empty Prayer Room

Day: Wednesday

Time: 5:00pm

Room: SU Lounge

Performance & Theatre

led by Hailey Buhre

Drama society invites you to express your
love for any form of theatre.


You are most welcome to share your skills, discuss, put up an act and even create something meaningful on a higher level.


Drama Students

Day: Wednesday

Time: 5:00pm

Room: DB04

Fashion Society

led by Meghan Townsend

Fashion Society is a place for all fashion lovers to learn and connect.

Image by Raden Prasetya

Day: Wednesday

Time: 6:00pm

Room: SU Lounge

Cyber Security 

led by Teresa Janikova

Join us and learn how simple awareness steps can protect your privacy online, how to keep your data safe and how useful it all is for your life and career! Discover how to navigate the digital world with confidence and responsibility.

It's not about being tech savvy – it's about being aware and understanding how to protect your digital life.

Everybody is welcome!

Video Game

Day: Wednesday

Time: 4:00pm

Room: Innovation

Lab 3

Language Society

led by Teresa Janikova

 Join us in the world of languages and cultures. Whether you're fluent in five languages or just starting, here's where you'll find friends from around the globe. This is your space to learn or practice a language of your choice, share your culture, and discuss your world view, habits and perspectives on different topics! 
We will always have chocolates and great time!

Meeting Room Business

Day: Wednesday

Time: 6:00pm

Room: T110


Bulls & Bears
(Investment Society)

led by Carl Otto Berglund

Strategize, share market insights, and network
with like-minded investors and entrepreneurs.


We will keep you updated with the latest market information, do detailed asset case studies, investment strategy breakdowns and hold discussions ranging from investing to entrepreneurship.

Financial Data

Day: Thursday

Time: 5:00pm

Room: T107


African photo .jpeg

African Culture Society 

led by Anissa Sassou Nguesso 

 The African Culture Society is a fun and inclusive community that celebrates Africa's diverse cultures and achievements.


We organise cultural events, workshops, business conferences, karaoke, board games, and movie nights. It's a chance to make friendships with fellow Africa enthusiasts. Our goal is to raise awareness and appreciation for African heritage while fostering unity among students. Come join us and discover the richness and diversity of Africa! (Open to everyone) 

New African S Pic.jpeg

Day: Friday 

Time: 4:30pm

Room: Bedford's Bar

African photo .jpeg

 Eco Campus Society

led by Prithvi Singh

 Raise awareness about sustainability and environmental issues on campus by discussing and implementing initiatives, as well as engaging in activities to promote a green campus.

Crushed Plastic Bottles

Day: Friday 

Time: 12:00pm

RoomSU Lounge


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