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Health blog series [4]: Invest in Exercise Equipment

In our previous health blog posts [1-3] which you can find on, we presented some home exercises for your back muscles, training without equipment or getting creative with whatever is available at home. But this week we will suggest some equipment that is worthwhile investing in since exercising without equipment might not cover all levels of ability and fitness levels.

For those unable to create your desired resistance using the above methods, below is a list of equipment that can add more resistance which you could invest in:

  • Resistance Bands

  • Ropes

  • Pull-up Bar

  • Suspension Trainer

  • Free Weights

You can find the equipment above in most online retail stores! Everything above is not about encouraging you to only train your back muscles. It is to motivate you to incorporate some form of posterior chain movements using the methods that is appropriate and accessible for you.

Having a balanced musculoskeletal system as well as exercise variety will benefit our overall health and fitness. Employing one or more of these approaches into your resistance training schedule can help these benefits to fully flourish and diversify your training further at home.

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