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How I Tried To Vibe With Fashion At RUL

Updated: Oct 19, 2020

The Student Voice Volume 1

Written by Avantika Singhal, Second-Year Liberal Arts Student


Dear ReGENTS and Ladies,

Amid the global pandemic, I have had an all-consuming epiphany and it is that if someone were to hand out Oscars for the ‘Most Fashionable University’, Regent’s would definitely take the Golden lady home.

It’s been one and a half years since I have been a student here and during this time, I have definitely tried (and happily failed) to up my fashion game.

But, I remember seeing all you beautiful ladies around the campus and I remember thinking about how I should also assemble a stylish outfit for the next day’s class.

I digress but I also remember thinking whether I should wear my favorite Allsaints leather jacket three days in a row or risk no one in particular “judging” me.

Decisions, decisions..

Fashion is so, so important and students of Regent’s University uphold that statement in the best way possible.

Sit on those couches around the Reception area and notice students come and go, you will realize that people put a lot of effort into choosing their outfits for the day. And, they carried them so well too.

Rest of the universities may be renowned for having other distinct qualities but my Regent’s is the best at revering the latest fashion trends and boldly experimenting with them at the same time.

My childhood was mostly spent plastering posters of the Jonas Brothers on my bedroom walls and reading Nancy Drew. Even in high school, I was more concerned with my gap teeth and not the brand ‘GAP’. (A bad joke that you all may or may not have been expecting)

After coming to Regent’s, it felt like my inner fashion goddess had awakened but all she did in response to that was prance about and wail around like a tortured ghost.

But, the ladies at our University have a conspicuous and unspoken grace and elegance about them. And, they walk like they own the world. And I admire that! Because who run the world?

Beyoncé. But in this case - the Ladies at Regent’s!

I asked one of my trend-setting friends Katherine Orlova about what she thinks of the snazzy and chic vibe around out college and this is what she had to say-“People at Regent’s definitely dress in a particular way. And, when it comes to me, I prefer wearing what feels most comfortable and looks classy at the same time. Our University is a metaphor for fashion inspiration.”

There have been so many instances where I have had to work up the nerve to ask a fellow student where she got her fur coat from or how she styled her hair and that too for a 9:00 AM class! And, their responses have always been friendly and we have even ended up bonding over our favorite brands. I even had a short conversation with someone about how Tommy Hilfiger’s latest collection was a little too bland for our tastes.

Regent’s University’s reputation is already so sublime but what really sets it apart is how its students invest time in picking out their outfits ahead of time or just throw on what their heart desires and still look fabulous in it.

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