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I wanted to make a difference: retraining at Regent’s and working to ‘downsize poverty’

Updated: Oct 21, 2020

The Alumni Voice Volume 7

I wanted to make a difference: retraining at Regent’s and working to ‘downsize poverty’.

Written by Georg Triplett III, Class of 2009 and 2019


My decision to come to Regent’s in 2009, and return a decade later, were both driven by my commitment to help others. Whether it be for friends, family, or people around the world I have not, or will ever, meet, my drive has always come from wanting to make a positive difference.

I first graduated from Regent’s in 2009 in Media Production, specializing in audio engineering. I planned to use my skills to support those who had the raw musical talent but no technical expertise. Whilst I continued to support my network with audio engineering, I also began a career in data analysis in financial services for a huge multi-national in my home city of Columbus, Ohio. As time went by, however, my sense of social responsibility only increased, and I realized more than ever I wanted to work in a sector that was delivering meaningful and impactful change to disadvantaged people and communities around the world.

In 2019 I returned to Regent’s to study an MA in International Relations; to understand geopolitics and international systems would provide me the knowledge and skill sets to join the non-profit sector and make a positive contribution.

I now work with The Borgen Project, a charity organization working towards eliminating global poverty. Our shared values are wanting to make a difference through collection action, and the agency for this is that if everyone contributes, we can achieve a more equitable society and world.

Along with my academic and technical skills I took from my BA and MA at Regent’s. I learnt there is the talent, work-ethic, and creativity in students and graduates to help tackle to world’s most pressing challenges.

In the hope of pushing the world forward in positive change, please visit the learn more about the work I do, and what we can, collectively, achieve.

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