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Freshers' Heat 2020

Hello everyone!

Hope you all had a stunning Holiday and ready to meet a new decade together!

Student Union woke up a bit earlier than you and have made some preparation to meet our Freshers and welcome you to come back!

As usually, we will start with the actual meet and greet stuff:

1. Following the previous success during the Fresher's Week, the Fresh Excuse to Meet is coming back. To be honest, last time it was completely experimental and we haven't expected such a sick time spending together: more than 100 people in participation, 5 full speed meeting rounds...That was good.

Waiting for you next Tuesday! Please, RSVP here:

2. The next event if dedicated for a chill out all together. Our Music and Film Societies are decided to take it over and prepared some nice mix of entertaining and the platform for you to perform. So first, we are going to watch a Saturday Night Fever, to warm ourselves up and then - the Open Mic will be set up for you! We will have our Music society members performing together with acting students.

Please, RSVP here to join our Inner Circle and let us know if you want to perform

Follow us to find out about the main event of the week!

It will be announced soon!


Tatiana Doronina

SU President

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