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Gregg’s Blog (5): "Time to learn New, Old Things “

Updated: Nov 18, 2020

Apologies, that might seem quite a confusing phrase above, but let me explain, in all our lives we often get into habits that we just accept and rarely question. Whether its putting milk into tea first, or only going to the White Bagel shop when you first visit Brick Lane Market and never the Yellow! Some Londoners will know what I’m talking about, things can often become a habit we never question.

But as the world turns, people do seek change, sometimes through circumstance, such illness, job loss or bereavement or just because they know it would be good for them, God Bless America!

With two things I’d like to mention this week, one was stored somewhere in my consciousness about 20 years ago, but I had forgotten it, though the other is seemingly new, it comes from a very old idea.

The first is the track “Wear Sunscreen” a strange essay/song with a stop motion animated video, released by the film director Baz Lurhmann, it first appeared in 1997 [originally written as a hypothetical college welcoming speech by Mary Schmich a columnist in Chicago]

Recently, I heard it again on the radio chosen as an favourite song, and realised most of what was said in the song is true, though when I listened then I only took a few things on-board. I’m sure many of you who will listen now will dismiss the wisdom as hokum, feel free to forget it all, but lock it away and remind yourself to check in 2040 and see what you think!

The other is more prosaic, and concerns bodily health, a book published recently by Dutchman Wim Hoff extols the virtue of cold showers and swimming in freezing lakes as a way to reawaken your body and mind.

It has been widely ridiculed as nonsense, and is scientifically unproven, one reviewer noting that most people would read the book seated in arm chairs near a roaring log fire, possibly sipping brandy! I would agree to disagree on the wilder health claims , but might mention the word “Frigidarium“ !

Yes, you may gather from the Latin and starting with Frigid, it means something about cold, and it is indeed a cold plunge bath, that followed a Cauldarium [hot] Tepidarium [warm] as part of Roman bath culture which is still followed in many Middle Eastern and Eastern European countries today .

That the idea of plunging suddenly into cold water to stimulate the body has been around for over 2000 years, maybe known to some, but to most in our overheated world would seem crazy right now as we turn toward Winter !

Though why not try a cold shower after a warm one, just to see, I believe the idea is trying to stay in for twenty seconds, so far I’ve managed about five. And have to say it does focus the mind, especially about breaking old habits!

Try something new today!

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