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Are you spending too much time in front of a screen? Easy tips for a healthy mind and body.

Updated: Jul 2, 2020

Our bodies are designed for constant movement. If you have a stiff neck, headaches, back ache, and blurry vision you are spending too much time in front of a screen.

Here are some easy tips that will make you to feel better:

1. You should maintain a straight gaze while looking at a screen. The top edge of the monitor should be in line with your eyes to avoid staring down.

2. Place your device at a distance of 60-100 cm from the eyes

3. Sit in a comfortable chair which allows an upright position

4. Ensure your feet rest flat on the ground or on a stool

5. The mouse (if used) should be just to the side of the keyboard so that the elbow does not have to leave the side of the body to reach for it

6. Keep the elbows bent at 90 degrees next to body, with the elbow and wrist in one straight line

7. Have a 10-minute break every 30 minutes for the eye muscles to relax

Keep in mind everyone is different and might find it a bit harder to adjust to the changes. So do your research before and make the necessary changes so you feel comfortable in the long-term. Stay tune in for our discussion next week Tuesday.

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