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Try this fun and easy game to activate your mind.

Updated: Nov 12, 2020

Can you read the cards in less than 40 seconds?

1.- Scroll down and observe the two images. They have a list of numbers and colours

2.- Have a timer ready

3.- Read outloud the colour of each word, not the actual word! Start from the top left hand. Don’t worry if you make a mistake just keep going.

4.- Go!!

ATTENTION: For every mistake you have you receive 5 seconds penalty.

You can try this with your friends, check the time and see who is the winner or play against yourself.


The science behind the game, fun read:

The first card will be quite easy to do, the second card may be harder and you could find yourself pausing, and making mistakes. This is because of several reasons , when we read familiar words our brains automatically compute the meaning and speech sounds of the words  quicker than the actual properties of the words like the colour or name, these arrive in our brains before and compete with the names we intended to say, there is also interference  between the meanings of the words and the colours we see.

This test was created in 1935  by the American psychologist  John Ridley Stroop and demonstrates the  interesting  aspects of the relation between  perceptual and mental processes.

Let us know your score @rulstudentunion

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