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Who Is The Next Student Union President?

The time has come! It's your chance to get the most important position at Regent's University London to represent the voice of all students on campus!

If you feel you are :

- Capable to lead a big team,

- Ready to be an excellent role model for the student body,

- Ready to identify issues which need improvement and happy to work hard to effectively fix it, collaborating with Directorate, academics and the university staff,

- Strong in strategic thinking and have attention to details to bring the Student Union to the next level,

- Honest, fair, responsible and charismatic person.

- Ready to take 1 year break of studies if you are still a student...

Hurry up! Send your CV, Cover Letter and Manifesto to

Please note that this role is Sabbatical. It's a full time job, which requires time, efforts and attention.

It will fit for you perfectly is you are:

  • The 3rd year student, looking for and internship/job after graduation

  • Postgraduate student, who wants to implement knowledge on practice,

  • The 2nd year student who is a SU member and ready to take a beak in studies doing this job,

If you are an international student and worry about your visa - university will provide you with all necessary documentation to apply for a new one.

If you want to know more about Student Union, please, follow this link and read the Constitution:

To apply for this position, you should have a good academic performance and attendance.

If you have any questions regarding the role - please, email to Tatiana Doronina, the current SU President:

If you want to know more about the application process - please, email Cecilia Chavez:

Don't miss the deadline! The 16th of February 2020


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