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Are you ready for graduation, guys?

Updated: Oct 19, 2020

The day has come! You did It!

I can assume, you are all feeling nervous, excited and a bit sad at the same time.

I know.

I've been in your shoes last year, when graduated from my Masters in Luxury Brand Management.

To make your life easier, I decided to share my knowledge and experience and created the check list for you.

Please, read it carefully and breathe deeply :)

Here we go:

1. Go back to your e-mails.

Look back at your emails, make sure you have the correct ceremony date and time. Double-check your seat and row number.

2. Check you have everything you need

- RUL Student ID or another form of photo ID e.g. passport, driving licence

- E-mail confirming your graduation robe hire order

- Hair grips for securing your mortar board and safety pins for your hood on your robe

- Camera (no flash photography is permitted during the ceremony)

3. Arrive as early as you can. Especially, if you have guests.

I would advise you and your guests to arrive approximately 2 hours before the start of the ceremony so you have enough time to register, collect your gown and have your professional photographs taken.

Also, if you want to get an extra ticket- your chances will be higher as they are based on availability ( first come-first served basis).

4. Go and register yourself at the registration desk

Only you can do it - your guests cannot register you on your behalf.

Don't forget your ID or you will not be able to register and attend the ceremony.

Even if you have sourced a gown from somewhere else you must register on the day.

5. Collect your gown

Make sure you bring along your email confirmation of hire

6. Take professional pictures with your family and friends

Leave enough time to take photographs in the studio that will be set up on the day in Herringham Hall (Tempest) . The studio will close 30 minutes before the start of the ceremony.

7. Take your seat

You must be in the correct seat (shown on your e-ticket and in your final instructions email) by the time the ceremony starts.

Latecomers are will not be allow to come in once the ceremony has begun.  You will be seated separately from your guests.

8. Walk across the stage

You will be led by one of our ushers to the stage. Once on stage your name will be announced and the Provost/Vice-Provost will congratulate you with a handshake. Please, be ready to be photographed. You will then be guided back to your seat.

9. End of ceremony

You will be asked to join the Academic Procession.

10. Enjoy your day on the lawns!

Meet your friends on the Regent's lawns to make a group picture and spend a lovely day celebrating your success!

So, sleep well before the graduation day, wear your beautiful outfit and be ready for a great time!

Don't forget:

It might be the best day of your life!

Ask me any questions, if you have some.

Always yours,


Tatiana Doronina,

SU President

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