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Health blog series [7]: Why you should introduce more plants into your diet.

In our latest health blog posts we discussed about the benefits of good nutrition and various micro-nutrients that boost our immune system, which you can read in this Blog section. But today, we will give out some information about why eating more plants has become more and more popular around the world.

Plants includes not only fruits and vegetables, but also nuts, seeds, oils, whole grains, legumes, and beans. Ideally you should choose proportionately more of your foods from plant sources.

What are the benefits?

Plants offer all the necessary protein, fats, carbohydrates, vitamins, and minerals for optimal health, and are often higher in fiber and phytonutrients as long as they are balanced and nutritionally adequate.

Benefits vary but most common are:

  • lower body mass index (BMI)

  • lower cholesterol levels

  • reduced incidence of chronic diseases including type 2 diabetes, heart disease

  • protection from some cancers including prostate and breast cancer.

Like any diet, the health benefits are dependent on the quality and nutritional adequacy of the diet – this means replacing refined, typically ‘white’ carbohydrates with wholegrains, avoiding sugary, sweetened drinks and confectionery and focusing on good quality plant-based protein and fats, such as those found in nuts and seeds.

Does it help if I participate in sports?

Adding more plans will be extremely helpful. Any type of diet helps as long as it is carefully followed but remember that each of us is different and there is not a single diet for all.

Probably you have heard about the plant based diet. In terms of famous athletes following this are:

  • Lewis Hamilton, Seven-time Formula One World Champion

  • Novak Djokovic, Six-time World Number One & 17 Grand Slams championships

  • Alex Morgan, Football World Cup winner & current Tottenham Hotspur player

If you are looking for some inspiration watch The Game Changers and What the Health found in popular video streaming platforms.

Remember, before doing any drastic changes into your diet, always check with a nutritionist.

Let us know if you want to know more information about adding more plants into your diet by leaving a comment below or a message on our @regentsunisport Instagram page. See you next week!!

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