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"I have seen Regent’s develop incredibly quickly over my four years here and I’m excited to see what is to come in their brighter days ahead! I wish you well and extend my sincere appreciation to everyone in our community for making this experience utterly enjoyable and unforgettable. " Pascal

Your time as President of the Student Union is soon drawing to a close, how do you feel about leaving?

I’m feeling bitter-sweet about leaving Regent’s after four wonderful years (three as a student and one as staff). I have grown to love this University; the beautiful people and the place that comprise it. I am of course sad to be leaving Regent’s for that reason but I will remain a close friend and vocal ambassador for Regent’s as a proud alumnus. I will soon step out into “the real world” (whatever that means) so part of me is also excited for what the future holds!

What has been your greatest accomplishment during your time as President? Is there anything you're particularly proud of?

I am proud of the work the Student Union team has collectively done this past year through some really difficult challenges. We have managed to adapt to the circumstances with resilience and laid the foundation for a reinvigorated union for years to come. We have been through a lot and delivered countless improvements to the student experience which has earned many in the team commendation. Yet one accomplishment I would highlight has been our ability to be vocal and consistent representatives for students coping with pandemic-related difficulties. This includes delivering incremental yet significant improvements to the online learning experience, delivering better resources and processes for mental health and academic support as well as championing the cause of a prompt and safe return to on-campus learning.

How was your experience during your time at the Student Union? Is there any important learning that you would like to share?

This year has taught me lots of things, it has highlighted some of my strengths and exposed shortfalls that I need to work on. Yet to note just one, I would stress that this year has taught me the importance of effective, strategic and positive communication. This relates both to the team of fourteen students that I lead, who require good leadership to excel, in particular during a time of uncertainty as well as effective communication outwards to the whole Regent’s community. If one is able to communicate their aims effectively and to motivate others one is far closer to completing the aim than if one is to go it on their own. I have learned that communication is the vehicle which drives fruitful collaboration and that without it, it’s easy to get stuck. I know the spirit of open, candid communication and collaboration to be one that is ingrained in the Regent’s community. It represents a value that is incredibly important, now more than ever, when we ought to be coming together with mutual respect and I will surely take that with me long into the future.

What are you hoping to see from the next Student Union team? Do you have any advice to give?

I am pleased to have been part of the formation of the next Student Union team and I have had the pleasure of meeting them already. I am confident that they will do a wonderful job of representing students and improving the student experience. The Student Union has hired some really talented young people and I’m excited to see what the future hold for them. I will certainly remain a supporter of their mission from afar of both the Student Union and of Regent’s University London.

What will you miss the most about the student community at Regent's?

I will miss the feeling of a close-knit community of both students and staff here above all. I know it’s a bloody cliché but it’s just the truth! The people I have met here have enriched my experience and I won’t soon forget it. I have met people from all over the world, who have brought such incredible life stories to share. I have met entrepreneurs, psychotherapists, art-historians and political scientists in the making. They will undoubtedly go on to do good in the world and I have been proud to call them peers, partners and friends and I am grateful for each and every one of them.

What's next for you?

I won’t be too far away as I will be pursuing a Masters’ degree in Political Communication and Strategy here in London starting in September. I am excited to further my studies and will surely come to say hello once in a while when everyone is back on campus at Regent’s!

Thank you.

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