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“Together, we are a community of leaders achieving climate action.” Climate Society

Updated: May 14, 2021

The founders of Regent’s Climate Society are Sky Diaz and Katharina Meier. Sky is a second year BA English Literature student and Katharina is a first-year student studying BA Global Management (Finance).

Both are enthusiastic climate advocates who are eager to create a more sustainable campus that is not only environmentally minded but also actively participating in the reduction of carbon emissions. Their society is currently working on the formulation of a sustainability action plan for Regent’s University London.

"I believe that everyone should do their part in caring for the future. A university cultivating the future leaders of tomorrow should set an example to their students and other universities on the importance of not only thinking but also acting for our tomorrow. Regent’s University London solely becoming more environmentally-friendly, might be considered only a small impact in a global context of who takes climate action. However, Regent’s has the power to become a paragon for other universities and advocate the importance of everyone taking climate action to a very diverse and international student body" Katharina

How are they making Regent’s campus more sustainable:

"We are very excited to get back on campus this year (Sept. 2021) where we hope to start action on a multitude of projects. Currently we are in the process of drafting a sustainability action plan, including all of our implementation proposals.

A brief look into our short-term plans:

  1. We want the student body to engage with topics from renewable energy to recycling. Namely by banning plastic bottles and supplying students with reusable ones to encourage this.

  2. In addition we wish to partner with ‘The Alliance for Sustainability Leadership in Education’ which provides a scorecard for planning and self-assessment specifically for colleges and universities to improve social responsibility and environmental performance through a whole institution approach.

3. Lastly, we hope to potentially start a garden that we would be cultivating in the second half of the year to get people involved and knowledgeable in growing systems and the possibilities of combating diversity loss through plant arrangements. Plus, who doesn’t like a little dirt on their hands!"

If you are interested in learning more about Regent’s Climate Society feel free to contact Katharina or Sky.

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1 Comment

Apr 22, 2021

Thank you @Katharina and @Sky. And I look forward to leaning into the curriculum with you to build class and workshop experiences that accelerate your intentions and actions!😍

And a little something to start the cultivation juices flowing :

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