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“Yes, I have time, but what do I do??” by Tanisha Diggikar, the Vice President of Student Experience

Updated: Oct 19, 2020

Hello everyone,

In times like this, when you feel like there’s been an abrupt stop to your daily university life, it is vital that we the regents community come together to help one another. We all have the same question lingering on our minds, ‘what do I do?’

Well, since we the Student Union worked hard to host different events during the term, we would like to challenge you with some similar activities while you’re at home or in your accommodation. 

Here’s some fun activities you can try:

1. Write poems or try to craft a haiku — find your inner Rupi Kaur

2. Learn a new language — so you can order the right type of food when you travel next

3. Meditate — time to relax from the hustle bustle of the past months

4. DIY face-masks! — isn’t this the best way to relax?

5. Clean out the old forgotten drawer filled with the randomness things you’ve ever owned — make yourself discover (or cringe) at your past obsessions

6. Try to bake something you never have — who here has ever baked baklava?

7. Make a self-portrait — discover if you are the next Picasso

8. Learn to make origami — we all tried at one point, I guess its time to master it now!

9. Talk to that person from your class who you least spoke to — human interaction is vital to life, so why not get to know those who were around you a little bit better?

10. Catch up on all the sleep you lost this term — who hasn’t pulled all-nighters this term? I need to snoozeeee

If you do any of these activities, don’t forget to take a picture and tag us on Instagram (@rulsu) and use the hashtag #rulsuchallenge

— Tanisha Diggikar, VPSE

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