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Meet the new SU President 2020-2021!

Updated: Oct 19, 2020

His name is Pascal Senn, he is the current Academic Events Officer at the Student Union and the third-year Political Science major at Regent’s. He is from Switzerland and Costa Rica, yet he has also spent a few years in Singapore and the United States. This culturally diverse background has laid the foundation to his interest in Politics. However, his interests also span across different disciplines, with his utmost being in the field of game theory as a basis for cooperation, compromise, and conciliation, in economics, government, diplomacy, law, and psychology. He has also developed keen interests in the arts, specifically writing and painting.

Pascal has been at Regent’s for three years to date and in the recent interview he has mentioned that he has grown to love this community and admires the work done by the current Student Union (which is what motivated him to get involved in the first place). He wishes to continue this work, and build upon it, as he continues to be convinced that there is so much more which can be done. He is driven by passion and he will do all he can to get the job done and give back to our wonderful community. 

Pascal believs that the democratic leadership style is the one which he has come to most appreciate as well as the leadership style whereby the leader remains a relative equal in terms of continuing to learn from others on the job.

Pascal will step into the role from the 1st of June, 2020.

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