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Regent's first place in the National Winter Polo Championship 2022

Updated: Feb 23, 2022

Regent's participated in the University Winter Arena National Championship this

Winter - 10th to 13th of February-, which is the largest polo event in the world. Open to all divisions including SAPA.

Upper Intermediate team achieved 1st place in their league, winning four matches in a very competitive league against Cambridge and Oxford University.

Big congratulations to the team!

Cristianne Sanjines- Regent's Polo Club President mentioned, “It was an amazing experience. I am very happy that new students were able to enjoy such a great event. I am very proud of the Upper Intermediate Team for their top place , they did such a great job! I encourage everyone to join and enjoy the Polo experience".

Olivia Uechtritz- Upper Intermediate Team Captain said " It was a super fun weekend for me. It was great to be around 500+ other students that also have an interest in Polo. The Championship was very competitive and fun at the same time. To bring home a trophy for Regent's after defeating Oxford and Cambridge was a big plus for the whole experience"

The Median team had a good performance given the challenge of the league, managing to win over Exeter University.

Visit here for more information about SUPA

Polo taster day for Regent's students will be on the 3rd of March. Stay tuned to join.

*Organiser SUPA (Schools and Universities Polo Association) promotes and develops Schools and Universities Polo. Founded in 1991, SUPA acts as a central point of reference for advice, guidance and encouragement. Founded in 1991 by five senior schools and later associating with two universities, SUPA expanded as a members association to include other Universities in 1994 and invited seven Junior (Prep) Schools to join in 1994. In 2005 SUPA was incorporated by its member institutions as Schools and Universities Polo Association Limited. In 2014 SUPA became a registered UK Charity.

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