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Regent's Series: LOCK-DOWN HEROES (2)

Updated: Oct 19, 2020

Get to know Emma - MSc Psychology student.

Discover... how she is doing, what she misses the most about Regent's, how she keeps motivated to work hard whilst SFH (Studying from home), her SFH companions and so much more...

Ema Exnerova has been nominated because:

"She is very hard working, smart and helps others with the studies. And she is (just) a lovely girl.

How do you feel about being nominated?

I am flattered, although I definitely do not see myself as a 'hero' in any way! 🙂 

What keeps you motivated to work hard whilst SFH (studying from home)?

The idea of reaching my goal(s) - graduating with good results, getting into a doctorate and eventually becoming a successful counselling psychologist. I find it relatively easy to stay motivated because I enjoy what I am doing, although I definitely experience moments where I do not feel like doing anything at all.

What does a typical SFH day look like to you?

Now that exams are over I spend most of my days outside, with my family or friends. When I was studying during lockdown I would usually study in two sessions (morning and late afternoon) with breaks in between where I’d go walk my dog, exercise, cook or watch a movie.

How do you stay connected with your lecturers, tutors and fellow students?

Via emails, Whatsapp and social media. 

Do you have any cute SFH companions (pets)?

My dog has been a great companion during quarantine - I would go for long walks with him at least once a day.

What's keeping you entertained during your downtime - do you have any books, hobbies, films, TV, podcast recommendations?

I love to exercise - it always lifts my mood! I also like to watch Netflix and read books (usually something easy to read that enables me to relax and takes my minds off things).

What do you miss the most about being on campus?

The atmosphere, my classmates, and the library (I used to get most of my work done there). 

What do you love the most about Regent's?

The campus, relatively small class sizes and friendly professors.

Any final comments or advise for your fellow students?

I think when studying from home it is very easy to start doubting one's study strategies and effort. I would advise students to not compare themselves to others, to find a routine that works for them (rather than copying what someone else has told them or posted on social media) and, most importantly, to remember to have fun as well! 


Who is your lockdown hero? Nominate your friend here

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