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Regent's Series: LOCK-DOWN HEROES (4)

Updated: Oct 19, 2020

Get to know Yasmin - Liberal Studies student

Discover... how she is doing, her morning routine and so much more...

Yasmin Fisher has been nominated because: "She's number one"

How do you feel about being nominated?

I feel humbled and appreciative of the recognition. I found the timing of this nomination to be significant as I received the email soon after my virtual Graduation took place - a by-product of lockdown. This celebration reinforced the feeling of victory and success among us, the Liberal Studies class of 2020. Upon submitting our dissertations and attending the virtual celebration, we all expressed a shared feeling of gratitude and accomplishment, having overcome the academic challenges imposed by this pandemic. So in this light, I believe the profile of the ‘lockdown hero’, at least in my interview segment, can be extended to the graduating class, and our faculty!

What keeps you motivated to work hard whilst SFH (studying from home)?

I truly believe it is about having a good routine and structure. During lockdown I was applying myself to my dissertation, the content of which investigated the way in which routines influence one's wellbeing. So, inherently, this was a focal point. As a student in Central London, and in Regent’s University in particular, I always had something going on - a place to be, a task to complete, or someone to catch up with. So, as lockdown was introduced, these places and activities which, in the past, would have provided my day and study schedule structure, were now no longer. With this in mind, I strived to create a routine, which was conducive to my wellbeing and my studies.

What does a typical SFH day look like to you?

I adopted a good sleep pattern where I would go to sleep and wake up at roughly the same time every day, avoiding staying up late unnecessarily. I also got into the habit of having two-meals a day, as I found it to be most conducive to my routine and studies. I always started my day with a matcha latte (a good dose of antioxidants!), which was followed by a morning workout. I loved doing TRIB3’s HIIT Instagram lives and MWH’s Pilates. After preparing a nourishing brunch I would crack on with my studies. I found that a couple of hours every day allowed me to make significant progress and not feel too overwhelmed. This schedule deviated a bit, according to my online lectures, but in general, it was quite consistent, which is what I believe, supported me the most.

How do you stay connected with your lecturers, tutors and fellow students?

I didn’t find this to be a challenge at all. With emails, Blackboard activities, WhatsApp groups and online drop-in sessions it was easy to keep in touch. I was in regular communication with my two dissertation supervisors (thank you again, Maria and Leslie!), which supported my studies and motivation tremendously.

What's keeping you entertained during your downtime - do you have any books, hobbies, films, TV, podcast recommendations?

I find cooking to be a grounding activity, I firmly believe in nourishing oneself via good food. So, in this sense I really enjoyed having the time to cook and prepare my meals. I also picked up baking, something which I didn’t necessarily enjoy in the past. I also joined the Sally Rooney trend and enjoyed reading Conversations with Friends and Normal People. After finishing the latter, I moved on to the so-very-consuming tv adaptation, which I found to be delightful and captivating!

What do you miss the most about being on campus?

The park, without a doubt. It was such a blessing to be able to walk to campus through the park.

What do you love the most about Regent's?

Again, the park! Normally during the Spring-Summer term, I would cross the road to the Queen Mary’s Rose Gardens to have lunch or coffee with friends on the green striped summer chairs. I am sorry I couldn’t enjoy this during my last term but encourage all the newcomers or existing Regent’s students to make the most of this - it's truly a gift!

Any final comments or advise for your fellow students?

With Regent’s being exclusively online next term, I encourage all students to come up with a routine. Don’t stay up unnecessarily. Remember the faculty is there to support you - just reach out! And don’t forget to check your Regent’s email ;)!


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