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Regent's Series: LOCK-DOWN HEROES (3)

Updated: Oct 19, 2020

Get to know Natalie - Film and Media student

Discover... how she is doing, where she is, her SFH companion -Bentley- and so much more...

Natalie Dykes has been nominated because:

"She's been supporting everyone with their work during isolation, answering questions, offering an ear to listen if you need it, and helping out with the Antidote film festival. A class rep through and through! "

  • How do you feel about being nominated?

I feel very honoured and grateful to have been considered a lockdown hero at Regent’s. When I think of a lockdown hero, I immediately think of my lecturers who had such a short amount of time to convert our assignments and lectures to be all via online classes and blogs. I also think about the staff, security and cleaners who still are commuting to Regent’s during the nationwide lockdown.

  • What keeps you motivated to work hard whilst SFH (studying from home)?

The main thing that is keeping me motivated is that this is just a temporally fix, we have had to adapt and improvise but hopefully by keeping positive and motivated during these times, we will be able to come out of this stronger. Another thing keeping me motivated is that it will all be worth it when I will be able to see my friends again and come back to London to continue my degree and be able to do more things once lockdown rules begin to ease. Creativity has no limits and it is still possible to still do things at home although it is extremely limited, I hope by coming up with some ideas during lockdown, I will be able to come out into the world feeling for passionate and excited to begin some projects that isn’t set in my home.

  • What does a typical SFH day look like to you?

I am currently in Singapore! As I am 7 hours ahead of London, my classes start in the evening for me which means I have plenty of time at home before I sign into my online classes. I spend most of my time primarily indoors, so I usually start working on any creative projects I have been working on to help the time go by. I might call a friend and catch up with them and make sure I have a decent meal before I attend classes.

  • How do you stay connected with your lecturers, tutors and fellow students?

Our outlook email has been such the fastest and most efficient way to get in contact with my lecturers and tutors. As for my fellow students who are in the same course as me, we have a group on WhatsApp which we found was the best way to keep in contact - apart from outlook. For all of us who are studying Film, Media and Performance, We have a WhatsApp group chat where we keep each other updated on any issues we want to bring awareness to, any technical issues with online

class, which we can then discuss with Luis who is our FMP Council President.

  • Do you have any cute SFH companions (pets)?

My dog Bentley has always been my companion, especially during lockdown where we have spent more time than ever together. Having a pet to keep you company, especially during lockdown has been such a privilege. He always keeps me company and has a habit of

sleeping beside my art projects, I made him a stuffed toy recently and he never lets it out of his sight! We go on our three walks together every day, but I am aware that I am going to have to start practising leaving the house for longer periods of time so he does not develop separation anxiety.

  • What's keeping you entertained during your downtime - do you have any books, hobbies, films, TV, podcast recommendations?

I have been clearing out a lot of old clothes from my closet, and my parents closet. We have donated some clothes to the migrant workers who are in hospital because of COVID, who need spare change of clothes. We have also donated some to charities who help families in need. I have been spending a lot less time on my phone and computer, especially as we constantly need them for online classes. I have been passing the time offline by doing embroidery, I highly recommend for you to maybe pick up a new hobby, skill or even sit and relax and find any good movies and shows to enjoy during lockdown.

  • What do you miss the most about being on campus?

I really miss our beautiful campus gardens. The grounds staff always do an amazing job all year round to make it look so beautiful. I know I am not the only one who misses our beautiful campus. I always see people taking pictures of the plants and flowers whenever students would commute to Regent’s for their classes.

  • What do you love the most about Regent's?

One thing about Regent’s that I love is that the students, lecturers and staff are some of the kindest and most genuine people who are always willing to make time for you. I have felt welcomed and accepted by everyone during the two years I have been at Regent’s. I think it is extremely important to be surrounded by people who are always supportive and are inclusive. I also love how we have such an international community and diverse in our own ways and I have felt really comfortable settling in at University.

  •  Any final comments or advise for your fellow students?

I know it is an extremely difficult and uncertain time in the world, and I want students to remember that they can always reach out to me if they want someone to listen to them. Regent’s also has student support officers to help any of us no matter where ever in the world we are. It is also totally fine to relax and take time to focus on yourself. Although lockdown restrictions vary from country to country, some people are able to go out and socialise almost as if everything is back to normal, whilst some students are probably still homebound. As we have a lot of time with ourselves it is easy to feel negative and be in a bad headspace, make sure you reach out to anyone because I can promise you that no one is alone, despite the distance.

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