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Regent's Series: LOCK-DOWN HEROES (5)

Updated: Oct 19, 2020

Get to know Raiana - MSc Psychology student.

Discover... why she was nominated, how she is doing, her daily routine, her new skills and so much more...

Raiana (Rayaneh) Sattari was nominated because: "Rayaneh carries herself with ease. She has a warm, understanding and welcoming presence. Rayaneh injects a sense of humour and lightheartedness into situations which helps to ease tension and enables everyone to get along with her. She has been a great source of comfort during this tough time. She is always there to help and lend an ear if needed no matter what she might be going through. She is always positive and helps raise the spirits of those around her. She has gone up and beyond to push herself, work harder during this time and to improve herself as well as provide support and help to those struggling."

How do you feel about being nominated?

I feel both shocked and flattered-when I got the lockdown hero email had no idea that I have been nominated! Yaaaay 🥳

What keeps you motivated to work hard whilst SFH (studying from home)?

Thinking of my goals and future made me to stay motivated and productive while SFH.

I made a weekly “To do list” and got myself a treat whenever I finished all the tasks.

What does a typical SFH day look like to you?

A Studying From Home day for me starts with an aromatic coffee and delicious homemade cake. Then I work on my dissertation, practising karate or yoga, and do some cooking and baking.

Then a little more studying and after that is time for Face-timing family and friends all over the world.

And I do read book before bedtime.

How do you stay connected with your lecturers, tutors and fellow students?

We have had couple of video calls with lecturers and fellow students (during term time). But not anymore. However, still having video call with my closer cohort 😜

Do you have any cute SFH companions (pets)?

Sadly I don’t have any pets, but i do have a big fluffy elephant toy which i hug him whenever i feel homesick or miss friends.

What's keeping you entertained during your downtime - do you have any books, hobbies, films, TV, podcast recommendations?

I like books and I could manage to read about 10 books during the lockdown. Also like learning new skills. So started to learn dancing (Indian and Azari). I do record my dancing and share it on my IG to share my happiness and good feelings with my friends to cheer them up during this hard time.

What do you miss the most about being on campus?

Watching the pretty campus of Regent’s with all those beautiful trees and flowers is the first thing i missed a lot.

And also I missed having lunch in canteen, chatting during break time and group study in library with my friends.

What do you love the most about Regent's?

The pretty campus of the Regent’s, lovely and caring lecturers and staff, cosy and small size classes with amazing views of the Regent’s park.

Any final comments or advise for your fellow students?

“Each catastrophe is an opportunity to raise again”

☀️Raise and Shine ☀️

Wear mask, wash hands and stay safe


Who is your lockdown hero? Nominate your friend here

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