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"Taking care of yourself and your mental health during COVID-19" by Tessa Alexandra Lange, PPCP

Updated: Oct 19, 2020

Dear All,

With increasing worries about COVID-19 and the requirement to self-isolate and social-distance in many Countries, people often find themselves struggling at times. This struggle may even intensify, if people themselves or their families are directly impacted by the virus. This struggle is more than justified, as this is an exceptional situation- you don’t have a wide-spread pandemic every day, do you? For this reason, it is especially crucial to take care of yourself. This is not only important for your mental health, but further for your physical wellbeing, as many people underestimate the effect of mental wellbeing on physical health and vice versa- take it from a Psychology Student!

There are various actions recommended by both Governments and Health Institutions. Please be advised that even though the list below if based on information provided by the NHS (National Health Service) and BPS (British Psychological Society) that you should contact Professionals if you are feelings unwell, no matter if mentally or physically. So, why not try out a couple of these recommendations listed below?

1. First and foremost: stay hydrated! This is not only crucial at all times, but furthermore now, to ensure that you are as healthy as possible.

2. Exercise! Exercising may not only be on your to-do list anyway, but it also sets you up with a healthy physical- as well as mental state! So let‘s go and get those endorphins going!

3. Keep yourself busy! Take this opportunity to do something you usually don‘t have the time for. Learn a new language, apply for additional online courses or learn a skill- the opportunities are endless nowadays, so make the very most of them! The Vice President of Student Experience has gathered a list with additional fun tasks to keep you busy, so make sure to give that a read!

4. Stay in touch with family and friends! Take the time to talk to your loved ones and check on them. There is an overwhelming body of evidence suggesting the effectiveness of this for your mental health and furthermore who would not want to make another person‘s day?

5. Last, but most definitely not least: be kind with- and to yourself! These are no easy times, so make sure you take time for yourself and your feelings! Need inspiration on how to go about this? How about a self-care day? No one could ever say “no” to that!

If you found this advice helpful and have started to get going with (any- or various of) these activities, make sure to take a picture and let us know, by tagging @rulstudentunion!

- Tessa Alexandra Lange, Psychology Psychotherapy Council President

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