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Fresher's Week 2019

Updated: Oct 19, 2020

Hi everyone!

SU President is here again :)

I hope you all had a great inspirational summer and ready to come to our beautiful campus very in soon!

I know how is important for first year students to know what to expect on their first week.

Currently, my team and I are working on Fresher's Week schedule and I am happy to briefly represent you main events tailored specially for Fresher's 2019:

1. We Are International Party.

The first opportunity for you to meet each other in Bedford's bar! As our university is highly international (more than 80%) it would be great to introduce yourself and your country wearing something related to it! The best guest outfit will get a prize)

2. Fresh Excuse to Meet.

It was my dream since the last year to organize the event similar to the speed dating. There are few key benefits of it:

- It's fun Dynamic

- You have a time limit to introduce yourselves, so there won't be any discomfort for all of you

- You will be the maximum different people in a short period of time

- I really wanna try myself as a host 😆😆😆

Please, register your interest by sending the e-mail.


3. Music on Lawns.

We have a very active Music Society. I was thinking: why won't we just introduce this culture to you immediately? Be ready to take a mic and sing your favorite song! if you play some instruments - we have plenty of choice of it (you can request it in advance)

Please, be aware, that the weather issues makes our plans flexible. In this event there are can be some changes,

Otherwise, we will move to the bar. No worries!

4. The Fresher's Boat Party 2019

The event of the year! Can't wait for it!

The Student Union hires the boat just for Freshers! (Of course, current students are also welcome!) It's an amazing opportunity to continually meet your peers, enjoying a stunning London view from the Thames river!

You can buy tickets here or during fresher's Week:

Please, be aware: it usually sales fast, so make sure you secure your place to avoid the disappointment🙃

And follow our Instagram @rulstudentunion for updates!

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