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The Alumni Voice Vol. 2: Graduating in a Global Pandemic

Updated: Jul 1, 2020

Written by Frederic Somm, International Business with Japanese, Alumni


Remote learning and new technologies has prepared you for something new.

Since graduating from Regent's in January 2020, I moved to Zurich and joined Avrios—one of the fastest-growing SaaS (software as a service) companies in Europe. Our area of expertise is making the management of fleets, from company trucks to normal cars, more transparent and efficient in order to streamline systems and make financial savings.

Fleet management might not sound very relatable for many readers, but this is a client driven industry which resonates across many sectors. I have met so many customers for whom our Platform has changed their business for the better. As well as building relationships, we deliver results. On average we help fleet managers cut administrative tasks by 30% and help to cut costs by 10%. The key to maintaining and developing these client-partnerships is to deliver—certainly a business practice applicable to us all.

As Avrios’ Customer Success Manager, everyday I draw on the two most important things I took away from my time at Regent’s.

• First, daily I assist customers using our Software and help them reach their goal using our product. This requires me to critically analyse our Software with the use of qualitative and quantitative measures—knowledge I took straight from the Regent’s classroom.

• Second, Regent’s gave me an unrivalled opportunity to develop my soft skills and cultural awareness in an international environment on campus and on my year abroad in Japan. This has ensured that I can, with confidence, find new ways to engage with clients, better understanding their needs, and continue to advance the Avrios brand.

As an international software company, we must be agile. Covid-19 has tested this to the limit, and I haven’t seen my office or colleagues since February. Working from home has not really been a challenge, however, the slowing of growth is a cause for concern—who wants to buy a transport software product when everyone is on lockdown? Despite needing to focus on efficiency over growth right now, the SaaS industry will continue to grow and positively impact our lives. This pandemic has challenged established patterns and promoted remote working, cloud computing, and agility.

The 2020 Regent’s graduating class, despite the challenging job market, should take heart that they are the best equipped generation to work remotely and use new technology in an irreversibly interconnected world.

My 3 recommendations for any graduate entering the job market:

  1. Pick a company whose culture is attractive to you.

  2. Always give your best, even if you think people won't notice. They actually do notice it and drives your opportunity to progress.

  3. When choosing to work in a specific sector, of course you need the passion and ability, but also alignment with the culture. Of course there’ll be lots of hard work to do, but with these qualities, you should have a great experience in your first job.

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