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Gregg’s Blog (6): Your Fellow Students Need You!

Updated: Jan 27, 2021

Social activity in London at present is quite difficult and that’s an understatement!

In normal times even if you are a social hermit you can do something, it’s all out there, waiting to entice you in.

Especially at this time of year, as the nights draw in, it would be normal to find friends drinking in cosy pubs with roaring log fires, going over their plans for Christmas and the New Year.

But we are without these social connections, and for students who are often studying or living alone it can be very isolating. If your everyday activity blurs into one, and the computer you use for shopping and film watching becomes your study portal and the only window onto the world, things are bound to feel tough.

Sadly, I can’t magic any of the bad bits away at present, but I can suggest some things to raise you mood. One thing I would say is listen to less news! Yes, whatever your political persuasion, too much can bring you down at present. I suggest you try a new piece of music, or something very familiar, and also home baking!

Yes! I know there are many out there who just don’t or won’t cook, too much Faff! Well, there are basic recipes that deliver great results. They are simple to follow with few ingredients but the results are amazing plus the eating of something you’ve made, does bring pleasure.

This week I’m cooking Viennese Whirls, the buttery sandwich biscuits that come in boxes you’ll seeing in every supermarket.

You cold buy a box, but I suggest joining me to make your own.

You can fill and flavour them with whatever you like “ peanut butter and jelly, coffee and walnut, lemon and raspberry?

Not only will you make something delightful, but in taking part and engaging with other people it can lift your mood, feeling like you belong to a social group even for an hour is better, I feel, than letting your minds wander alone. I can’t say, I won’t make mistakes in my cooking, though hopefully nothing will end up on the floor, but let’s see.

I hope you can join me. Details are up on the Hub and you can sign up here.

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