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Health blog series [12]: Build your confidence

Hello and welcome to another post of our Health blog series . Today we are going to talk on how to build your confidence by being more physically active. Self-confidence is a product of "what we believe in" and what we actively set out to achieve. In modern day living, this can mean many things - physical confidence being one of them. Exercise is an important tool that helps us achieve this physical confidence. Beyond the muscle tensions and day-to-day energy demands, the ability to be physically available to your day's requirements is crucial.

Feeling confident in a rational and realistic manner is a sound safeguard against several physical, mental and emotional problems.

Let us give you a list of ways in which exercise boosts confidence:

Sense of Achievement: Whenever you exercise your personal worth increases because it gives you a feeling that you have done something rather than sitting passively and thinking about issues.

Enhanced well-being: When you exercise, the body releases chemical substances known as endorphins which relieve stress and make you feel good psychologically. This boosts your confidence. Physical Health: Regular exercise makes your immune system strong and well equipped to fight various diseases and infections. Appearance: Exercise gives you a good appearance and your body image improves. Feeling attractive and good about the way you look boosts your self-confidence. Change of Mindset: On some occasions when you are lost in anxious and negative thoughts, doing physical exercise can shake this mindset and make you feel confident and positive. Competition: While exercising you may have a wish to challenge yourself or someone else. Going past your limit makes you feel on the top of the world. Attention and Concentration: Exercise also increases your attention and concentration, which means that you can focus on your work a lot better and this becomes an important feel good factor.

There are many more ways in which exercise boosts our confidence so do your research and look at what is important for you in the immediate future. Take baby steps that will eventually reach your objective so you don't take a lot immediately. Remember there is no quick way in doing things.

Your Sports Officer

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