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Health blog series [9]: Let's get ACTIVE together and minimise the distance between us.

In our previous blog post we presented the positive impact of physical activity on our mental health and some barriers to it. We acknowledge that by just reading something does not mean that suddenly you will start exercising. Well there must be something more to it. Something we can do to be there for you. So I have taken the decision to overcome all the barriers to physical activity, listed in series [8], with you. But I need you help..... We must stay in touch and thankfully technology is here to minimise the distance between us. So there are 3 steps you must follow:

  1. JOIN OUR REGENT'S ACTIVE CLUB ON STRAVA. You only need to create a FREE account and join our group Get to meet our community and start your journey for improving your mental health.

  2. FOLLOW US ON INSTAGRAM @regentsunisport. Stay up-to-date with the latest news around sport and fitness. Show your support by liking and sharing our content or even tell us what would you like to see with a simple DM!

  3. CHECK THE SU.REGENTS.AC.UK WEBSITE. There is a lot of great content there that you can find such us the blog, sports and student events! Colleagues and myself are doing our best and trying new and exciting things but won't list all of them so you can check it yourself,

That's all you need to do! More updates for overcoming the first barrier to physical activity- when you feel you do not have enough time to exercise- coming in the next couple of days!


Your Sports Officer

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