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Nice to meet you, London!

Did you know our university offers The Regent’s Summer Residential Programme (SRP)?

It is a 6-weeks opportunity designed for students who were new to London and wished to explore the exciting city, learn English and to be introduced to British culture and also for the students looking for a relaxing evening and to see London like they have never seen it before.

Having an exciting range of activities, such as a diamonds’ workshop, travel by boat to the small maritime town of Greenwich, take a Graffiti tour of Shoreditch, discover the secrets of Carnaby Street or visit world-wide recognised Museums and international touring exhibitions. The programme offers one new activity every day!!

All the activities are joined by an experienced and friendly guide so students are able to learn more about the city and ask any questions they might have about the activity or about London in general. This summer Gregg Maflin and Komal Aggarwal shared  their expertise and enthusiasm with our students.

The ELC students can discover London through a Londoner’s eye and learn how the city comes alive with its art, architecture, theatre, food and lifestyle.

This year the students also enjoyed on campus activities such as sports days and BBQs in which they could have a friendly conversation with  their lecturers and enjoy the summer sun.

Here are some great stories:

Our student, Maria Fernanda Lamas Vidana who has been with the programme since the very beginning says, “I have made friends on these tours that will last me a lifetime”

Kumiko Ikeda mentioned how the trips were like a third teaching experience. She was grateful for the educational and historic trips like the one to Cambridge where she got to see the beautiful Backs of the River Cam and appreciated the Gothic architecture of one of the oldest colleges of England. She was also impressed when she discovered the UK’s coastline from the top of Hastings cliffs, describing it as “magical”.

Anna Grigoriev, during the Jewellery walk, was thrilled during the visit to a charity shop near Hatton Garden, and mentioned that she couldn't work out how to get all the books she bought in her suitcase,

During the visit to" Castley Castle"  at  Hever in Kent,  the students enjoyed the Jousting tournament and amazingly didn't get lost in the Maze !

I was great to host you, guys!

Hope to see you again!

Always yours,


Tatiana Doronina

SU President

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